Libbrecht Jonas

I'm a


I like to describe myself in 6 words: open-minded, critical thinker, ambitious, linux-geek, punctual & team player.

I'm a provider of simplicity in a world of cloud complexity.

Libbrecht Jonas

A quick summary of my (daily) toolset and my hobbies

  • Daily driver: Arch Linux
  • Server OS: CentOS, AlmaLinux, Ubuntu, Raspbian, RHEL
  • Programming languages: Python, Go
  • Project related: Gitlab, Github
  • Automation: Ansible, Puppet, Gitlab CI, ...
  • IDE: PyCharm
  • Open Source projects: AGopengps, Openmower, KNX, HomeAssistant, Kubernetes, Podman, Prusa3D, ...
  • Languages: Dutch, English, French
  • Hobbies: Farming, skiing, gaming, woodworking, arborist, ...
  • Others: dig +short TXT



Libbrecht Jonas

Innovative and sprint-driven System Engineer with 9+ years of experience designing and engineering industry standard infrastructure on-prem or/and cloud centric.


Residential Electrician - Electricity & Domotics

2017 - 2020

Syntra West, Kortrijk, Belgium

  • Installing residential electricity according to the AREI
  • Renovating old residential houses their electricity setup according to the AREI
  • Preparing required documents for inspection according to the AREI
  • Installing home batteries & solar panels (for off-grid housing)
  • Home automation with KNX, Siemens logo, Niko home, ...
  • BA5 Certified

Bachelor - Networking & Cyber Security

2013 - 2015

VIVES University of Applied Sciences, Kortrijk, Belgium

Thesis: Proximus, Linux Operations team

Completed with highest distinction: Cloudstaging, rightsizing & automation of virtual (Linux) machines.

Professional Experience

Cyber Security Specialist - OLAF, European Commission

May 2020 - Present

Freelance - Brussels, Belgium

Investigation of fraud against EU budget, corruption and serious misconduct within European institutions, and developing anti-fraud policy within the EU.

System Engineer - VLOOT, Agency for maritime & coastal services

Dec. 2019 - May 2021

Freelance (parttime) - Ostend, Flanders, Belgium

  • Managing (reverse) proxy in docker.
  • Managing / updating / retrofitting linux servers. (Ubuntu flavored)
  • Managing communication infrastructure for maritime vessels

System Engineer - Isabel Group

Dec. 2019 - May 2020

Freelance - Brussels, Belgium

  • OpenStack RHEL 13 design and setup
  • Fintech application onboarding on OpenStack & OpenShift 4

Software Developer - Vers fruitsap BVBA

Sept. 2017 - Aug 2018

Freelance (parttime) - Waregem, Flanders, Belgium

  • Development of CRM and digital processes with:
    • Python, HTML, JavaScript
    • Big data analysis via Microsoft Power BI

System Engineer - Proximus

Apr. 2017 - July 2019

Freelance - Brussels, Belgium

  • OpenStack Telco Cloud Engineering:
    • Setup of production ready OpenStack RHEL 10 & 13 Cisco ACI
    • OpenStack automated orchestration, integration testing & automated stability testing based on OpenStack RHEL & Cisco ACI + N7K
    • Cisco ACI orchestration and automation
  • Linux operations & engineering:
    • LDAP Linux & UNIX migration & management (auto provisioning)
    • VMware automated migrations via Ansible (2K+ machines)
    • API development: LDAP, infrastructure showback, ...
    • VMware auto provisioning: high availability & DRS via Ansible
    • Gitlab management

System Engineer - Open vStorage

May. 2015 - Apr. 2017

Fulltime - Brussels, Belgium

  • Designing & automating (large) setups via Ansible
  • Research and development in addition to the continous integration workflow
  • Automating and speeding up continious integration workflow via Jenkins
  • 2nd & 3rd line support
  • Troubleshooting complex new unknown issues that show up during whitebox testing
  • Documenting blackbox tests for other QA teams
  • Performance testing/tweaking through whitebox testing
  • Research and development in addition to the Open vStorage object storage cloud


Offered services for who are in need for


From the network layer to fully managed infra, OS patching, security implementations / auditing, KVM tuning, (forensic) logging, ...

Agile software programming

Python, Go, HTML, JavaScript, (REST) API's, SQL, JSON, YAML, Scrum, Static Site Generation, One page websites, Frontend for CDN, ...


Industry standard automation via Ansible, Puppet, Python, JSON, YAML, ...

DC, rack & server design

Optimising your physical infrastructure for your needs

Cloud & on-premise management

Design, management, setup & migration from on-premise to cloud or vise versa

Containerization & microservices

OpenShift 4 architect for application containerization and microservices